Show My Face

by The Founders

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I watched the Army of God as it
Rose in the hills and fell at the sea
I was a chi- chi- child of modern sin
Not the man they wanted, just the man they wanted to see

I was not prepared for a fight
I was not prepared to pretend I was grown
I was not prepared to be fighting friends
I was not prepared to be fighting so close to home

I was never on the racks, no
And I was never severed bits
No maniacs with shotguns
Just brothers begging me to quit

The sun may not come out tomorrow
But when it does, it won't be by our grace
Well, you can call it any name
But our fears are all the same
So in the deep, dark shadow of death and sorrow
I won't be afraid to show my face

I stood with just my words
They, poised, wore armor, head to the ground
My victory was to fight again
To ward off heavy storms trying to make me drown

I've watched time take its toll
And I've tried not to give what I have received
But if it's boogeymen that you've been told
Then the fifth light just gets easier to see

But I never feel the pressure
Until the threats start to show
It's never up, down, left, right
It's always lurking just below


released July 4, 2010
Vox/Guitars -- Nick Kieper
Bass -- Casey Gaines
Drums -- Matt Newlin
Shouting -- our generous friends




The Founders Indianapolis, Indiana

Albert the Owlbear

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